The Journey Has Begun - Rachel Zajdel

The CentennialX MIT bike team has begun their creative endeavor in tackling cyclists problems at the Keswick Cycle shop in Glenside, Pennsylvania on June 16, 2017. Store owner Brian Hackford and Service Manager Chad Kachel were eager in helping the students tackle their CentennialX summer challenge.

 This summer, the MIT team started analyzing the various difficulties that all types of bikers can face. Further, they have been assigned the duty of designing a revolutionized product aimed towards fixing the problem. Together, the group will need to generate ideas and build a prototype to essentially help make the cycling experience better for all riders. At Keswick Cycle, Brian and Chad provided the team with knowledge and insight to help get the members rolling.

The team started off their visit with vigor, as they were toured around the shop by Brian and Chad, while receiving the low down on cycling and bike anatomy. From mountain to road to triathlon to fitness hybrid, the team discovered interesting facts on the cycling experience and were intrigued by the vast opportunities that cycling had to offer. More importantly, they learned about the problems that cyclists go through.

Chad and Brian discussed with the team the core necessities to an advantageous cycling experience: safety, apparel and accessories.  The shop included safety features like reflective outfits and helmets, apparel such as fluorescent jackets and accessories like portable water packs. The team ventured all throughout the shop to gain a stronger understanding of the current biking equipment so they can later brainstorm ideas hoping to adjust or create a beneficial product of their own.

The experience at Keswick Cycle was truly eye-opening for the MIT team and helped them gain valuable knowledge and resources that will influence their project and allow them to thrive. Personally, after witnessing the immense passion and drive these students have towards their challenge, I believe they are destined for greatness.