Becca Hong (2016) - Team ALL IN

Hi, I'm Becca Hong and I attend Lehigh University, studying engineering (declaring ChemE in the spring) and German. I like running and comedy, and try to be at least mediocre at both.


Ethan Baim (2016) - Team ALL IN

Following his role as Project Manager for Team ALL IN, Ethan is studying engineering at the University of Michigan. Also business-minded, Ethan will compliment his studies with courses and programs in entrepreneurship.  



Ryan Zhao (2016) - Team ALL IN

Ryan Zhao attends Wissahickon High School who has a passion for science and technology. Although he is still undecided about his future, he hopes to find a career that offers an intellectual challenge and satisfies his curiosity for the world. In his free time, Ryan enjoys video games and programming, though he can never say no to a good book.